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  • 2012
      • Foundationof the company
      • The general transporter of chain stores "Euroopt"
      • 34 units of the equipment

    Company E-Auto (LLC "Eurooptauto") was founded in March 2012. The main activity of the company is transportation and freight forwarding. The company was founded as a general transporter of chain stores "Euroopt" to meet the needs of the network in the movement of goods in the stores, the delivery of goods to distribution (logistics) centers. At the time of foundation, the company owned 27 units of equipment.

    The dynamic development of the customer's network of stores required from the transporter to meet the needs of transport timely, so already in 2012, were purchased 7 pieces of equipment manufactured in Europe.

    The concept (development strategy) was determined from the first days of existence of the company. The concept may be described with following words: "High quality service at reasonable rates".

  • 2013
      • development
      • freight forwarding
      • high level of quality of service
      • "safety control"
      • 84 units of the equipment

    In 2013, the company decided to invest in the development of transport more than 5.0 million euro. It allowed to increase the auto park up to 89 units till the end of 2013.

    In 2013, the company began to develop complementary area - freight forwarding. There are the contracts with major European transporters, cooperation with which is constantly expanding.

    With the growth of the auto park and traffic volume, increased the requirements to the quality and the service. The company has developed the requirements imposed on vehicles and drivers. The requirements allow to keep a high level of quality of service provided to our customers.

    Our company one of the first implemented and successfully operates the decision "safety control" to monitor the safety of goods at the time of transportation, which allows to control both temperature and unauthorized access to the load box.

    During operation of this system, the company has not received any claims for infringement of a temperature mode. This solution has become a mandatory requirement for the transport service of chain stores "Euroopt".

    The company Eurooptauto, LLC received a license for medical inspection on the admission to work.

  • 2014
      • AUTO PARK
      • 96 units of the equipment

    During 2014 the company "Eurooptauto" increased its auto park up to 96 units.

    The average age of cars is 3 years.

  • 2015
      • monitoring system
      • 111 modern trucks

    In 2015, the company "Eurooptauto" LLC has provided its partners an opportunity to track the movement of their goods, introducing the own monitoring system. In 2015, the company acquired 15 modern trucks more, further updating its auto park.

  • 2016
      • Analytics of traffic and operation of vehicles
    Analytics of traffic and operation of vehicles are being developed. The auto park expands by the vehicles produced in Belarus - MAZ, intended for transportation of various goods as a part of a road train.
  • 2017
      • 158 units of the equipment

    From the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the company acquired 40 modern trucks more (they are Iveco Eurocargo and Stralis), further updating its auto park.

  • 2018
      • over 200 vehicles
      • over 500 employees

    Due to expansion of the customer network in late 2017 and early 2018, "E-auto" has replenished its truck fleet with brand new Renault (6 tons), Mercedes Actros (20 tons) with a total of 30 units. Like all vehicles, they are equipped with sensors of their own gps-control system. 

    New vehicles are new jobs for the best drivers!

  • 2019
      • OVER 240 vehicles
      • OVER 600 employees

    At the end of 2018 "E-auto"has acquired in its truck fleet of 45 units (DAF, 8 tons). In this regard, the number of employees has also increased. 

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